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ITE MICE – Co-locating with leisure travels for affluent FIT for synergy (Data from 2017)

Effectively combining MICE and leisure results in a bigger scale and more choices to visitors! More importantly, ITE highlights affluent travels including well off FIT who are also targeted by MICE suppliers! However, admission in trade days do require business card for registration, and MICE / Corporate Travel has its own seminar programs held in the second trade day dubbed the MICE Day.

In 2017, there were 174 related exhibitors with Travel Agents/DMC, Hotels & Venues, and NTO the three largest groups (Table 1);  and 2265 MICE & Corporate visitors with at least over half interested in outbound and specifically 51% In Incentive Tours, 40% in Overseas Meeting and 35% in Overseas Events (Table 2).   While 65% will keep travel spending unchanged, 29% report will spend more and outnumber the decrease at 6% by a wide margin (Table 4)!  For details of MICE visitors’ profile, please see the other tables.

Table 1: Profile of Exhibitors targeting MICE / Corporate Travel Market #Other sectors consist of tourist attractions, airline, travel trade associations, IT, Media & Other
*Of these 174 exhibitors, 18 from Hong Kong and 156 from abroad
Sector No of Exhibitor
Travel Agents /DMC 55
Hotel Accommodations / Venue 65
National Tourism Organization 23
Other Sectors# 31
Total 174*
Table 2:  MICE/Corp visitors who are interested in / held following events before * to be held locally
Products %
Incentive Tour 51
Overseas Meeting 40
Overseas Event 35
Local Meeting* 27
Local Events* 21
Table 3:  MICE/Corp visitors’ Purposes of Visit
Purpose %
Destination Information 83
Travel Agents 95
Meeting/event Venues 51
Transportation/ Lodging 73
Special Offer 30
Table 4:  Outlook on Travel Spending
Outlook %
More 29
Same as Before 65
Less 6
Table 5:  Size of Visitors’ organizations by no. of staff
No. of Staff %
Below 50 50
50-250 22
Over 250 28
Table 6:  Top 4 Source Sectors of Visitors
Sector %
Government / Public Bodies 9.5
Professional Services include banking, finance, insurance, Business Services, etc 33.1
Training & Education 15.1
PEO / PCO, Events 10.7

ITE MICE has also its own visitor promotions and is also supported by associations of event industry. Further, several chambers of commerce and professional bodies also help in distributing invitations / tickets to their members.  Another likely synergy area with leisure comes from theme travels! For example, a new theme this year is on Volunteer Tourism with trade seminar and booth displays which is being held in response to MICE / Corporate visitors’ interest. Please click HERE for more seminar details.

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