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ITE Hong Kong Public Days - Tenths of Thousand Affluent FIT to Plan / Book Holidays

Of the 90055 visitors in the two public days of the last ITE, 84% prefer traveling in FIT or private tours. They are quality FIT - travel frequently & well educated, and serious visitors as 63% interest in booking holidays and 55% in attending seminars.  In fact, over 100 seminars were held which are often full with popular ones drawing over 200 audiences each.

1) Many Visitors had multiple holidays last year
No. of Holidays made in past year %
6 times or more 13.3%
3 to 5 times 44.4%
1 to 2 times 39.8%
None 2.5%
2) Well educated, so likely speak English & Good Income
Education background %
University or above 42.0%
Post-secondary 33.5%
3) Suppliers including those from overseas can easily deal with them as in past year majority book FIT products online. Retail sale allowed in public days, but exhibitors shall follow related Hong Kong laws.
Booking Channels %
Directly with suppliers (eg. Hotels / land operators etc,) 60.2%
Through travel portal / OTA 49.7%
Through travel agents 39.1%
4) Table below shows their interests on destination (by continent or region). To know their interest on different travel themes, please go to Theme page or click HERE
Destinations will be consider visiting (holiday) within the next two years %
East / NE Asia 53.8%
Taiwan 35.7%
South/ SE Asia 35.3%
Mainland China 23.5%
Macao 19.1%
C. Asia / W. Asia 8.1%
Europe 39.4%
Australia, New Zealand, S. Pacific 28.5%
The America (US, Canada, S&C America) 21.3%
Middle East / Africa 8.4%

Seminars in Public Days
Held in one of the 5 purpose built rooms inside the exhibition halls, each session lasts for 25 minutes. With limited supply so demands often unfulfilled, interested exhibitor shall apply early with all required details, and if approved session is free. Please note renting these rooms only possible in trade days, not in public days.  Our B2C program also includes using grand stage for cultural performances, free publicity such as publishing materials in official websites, inclusion in e-newsletter or supplement and face-book etc., before, during and after ITE.  Enquiry welcome!

Remarks:  Data from ITE 2018 public visitors Survey which drew over 3000 online and onsite replies. For more details, please contact the Organizer – TKS Exhibition Services Ltd
Email:      or fill in the Exhibiting Inquiry Form
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