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ITE Hong Kong – Public Days well attended by Affluent FIT (Data from ITE 2017)

There were 89750 public visitors in ITE 2017, and 87% prefer traveling in FIT / private tours!  They travel frequently (table1), well educated (table 2), and visit ITE to plan holidays and make booking (table 4).  They continue spending more in travel (table 8)!  Held in public days were some 90 travel seminars, which were well attended with the most popular ones drawing nearly 200 audiences each.

FIT dominates Hong Kong outbound and getting more popular in mainland China etc!  In fact, Hong Kong passport holders can visit over 150 countries and regions without visa, and many Hong Kong citizens and ITE public visitors speak English.  Also, nearly 2/3 book directly with suppliers who for examples can be overseas hotel or land operators (table 5).  Exhibitors can make direct sale in and only in public days, but are reminded to follow all related Hong Kong laws. Also welcome contact us for details of our B2C program.

Table 1: Visitors are Frequent Travelers (by no of holidays in past year)
No. of Holidays%
6 times or above11.9
3-5 times43.8
1-2 times41.6
0 time2.2
Table 2: Visitors are well educated
Education %
University 45.4
Post-secondary 24.1
Table 3: Visitors by Age
Age %
15 – 34 31
35 - 64 63
Table 4: Visit Objectives
Objectives %
Holiday Planning96.1
Purchase/ Booking 32.3
Attending Seminar27.4
Table 5: Booking Channels
Booking Channels %
Booking through Travel Agent38.5
Online booking directly with suppliers (eg. Hotels / land operators etc,)64.1%
Online booking with travel portal / OTA47.3%
Join local tours15.3%
Table 6: Public Visitors’ Interest on Travel Themes / Experience *New question
Themes %
Honeymooning / Overseas Wedding9
Wellness / Medical Tourism7
Sport Tourism24
Travel Photography34
Eco-tourism / Wildlife Tour35
Family Holidays *17
Shopping *47
In-depth, culture & history48
Food & Wine51
Driving Tour35
Table 7: Destination will be considered visiting within the next two years
Destination %
East / NE Asia60.5
South/ SE Asia35.4
Mainland China21.0
C. Asia / W. Asia8.0
Australia, New Zealand, S. Pacific30.8
Americas (US, Canada, S&C America) 22.5
Middle East / Africa9.0
Table 8: Travel spending in next 12 months
Travel Spending in next 12 months %
Remain the same27.5
Not Sure22.5

Note:  Data from ITE 2017 public visitors Survey which drew over 5000 online and onsite replies.

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