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ITE HONG KONG     15-18/6/2023, HKCEC
15-18/6/2023, HKCEC



About ITE Hong Kong


The highly international ITE, Hong Kong’s comprehensive travel fair also cover Greater Bay Area

First held over 30 years ago, the annual ITE Hong Kong is the city’s only travel fair! It receives strong support from tourism authorities and related trade associations, and in each of the past 17 years, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR Government sent message to welcome ITE’s participants!

In its early years, ITE covered only leisure travel but some 15 years ago it also covered MICE travel, so now ITE Hong Kong comprises of ITE (Leisure) and ITE MICE. Physically these two parts are fully integrated, but MICE has its own seminar program and separate supporters etc. The first two days of ITE open only to registered buyers and visitors, and travel trade and professionals are invited before opening to pre-register online for free admission. In the remaining two days, ITE open to the public.

Also available our online services: (a) ZOOM seminar in different parts of a year; (b) online + onsite package during ITE, which include video broadcast and ZOOM meeting, for real time interactions / exposures with visitors in exhibition halls.


Hong Kong, which in 2018 and 2019 ranked world’s 12th largest market, spent US$26.9 billion on outbound in 2019! Post pandemic, it is a Safer market with confirmed Covid-19 cases by July 2021 totaled around 12000, where Pent up travel demand strong!

Table: Hong Kong Outbound Travel Expenditure by Year (pre-pandemic) *Note: Social unrest starting from early 2019 likely caused slower increase in spending.
YEAR EXP (US$BN) % Change
2019 26.9 1.7%
2018 26.4 4.1%
2017 25.4 5.2%
2016 24.1 4.8%

The Greater Bay Area (the Bay) comprises Hong Kong, Macao, and nine cities in Guangdong province, which include Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The Bay has total area of around 56 000 km2; the total population over 86 million and the combined GDP of US$1,67 trillion in 2020, which put the Bay between Italy, (US$1.85 trillion) world’s 8th largest economy and Canada (US$1.60 trillion), world’s 9th largest economy! Each ITE draws some 2000 buyers and trade visitors from Guangdong cities of the Bay.

Post pandemic, Hong Kong remain attractive! Safe - confirmed Covid-19 cases by July 2021 totaled around 12000! Pent up travel demand strong - survey in ITE2021 collected 4514 replies and found 60% keep or increase travel spending in coming year, 81% to pay more for safer holiday; and 47% take outbound travel within 3 months after restrictions lifted!


ITE’s exhibitors are highly international as 87.5% of its 675 exhibitors, which come from over 50 countries and regions, from outside Hong Kong! It’s some 12000 buyers and trade visitors highly regional, approximately from Guangdong 20%, other parts of China and Asia each 10% and from Hong Kong over 60%. It’s some 80000 public visitors are frequent travelers with over 80% prefer traveling in FIT!


The second post-pandemic edition, the physical ITE 2022 was held successfully in August 2022 at Halls 3 of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.Comparing to 2021, ITE 2022 was not only bigger but also more international! It occupied around 5600 SQM (+7%) with exhibitors totaling 107 (+4%) of whom 71% from outside and overseas! There were 32 participating countries and regions which an increase of 78%!