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Admission Policy

  1. 11-12 Jun are open for trade / corporate visitors only. The general public and minors below the age of 18 will not be admitted
  2. Trade Day’s visitor definition and types of Visitor Badge: a) Trade Visitor – those who are working in tourism related industries i.e. travel agents, tour operators, airlines, hotels, trade media;  b) Corporate Visitor - those who are working in other sectors (not tourism related) but responsible for business travels or planning / organizing meetings, conferences, exhibition, incentive travel and events; c) Buyer – those operate or engage in outbound travel agencies, wholesaler and responsible for sourcing / outbound travel products, or working in multinational corporations / international associations that requires organizing overseas conferences and events, and involved in decision-making for budgeting and procurement on the travel matters
  3. Successfully pre-registered visitor / buyer can collect the Trade Visitor Badge by presenting a copy of your registration confirmation and your business card (which will be collected by organizer) at “Visitor Registration Counter” on 11 or 12 Jun to register for a FREE Admission badge.
  4. Tour guides are not considered as trade visitors, but can contact Hong Kong Professional Tourist Guides General Union for free admission on June 12 (Fri) after 2:00pm.
  5. Guest and trade / Corporate visitor badges are not valid on public days.

Please note we do collect information of our visitors for sending info including invitation to activities of our Travel Expo.