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Theme Travel to attract Affluent FIT, Trade and MICE too!

A pioneer among Asian travel fairs, ITE has been promoting Theme Travel which now highly popular with both trade (including MICE) and public (majority being FIT) visitors (Table 1).

Table 1: Interests of Visitors on Travel Themes / Travel Experience n/a – not applied to public survey
Themes Trade Public
Adventure (Nature & Wildlife / Safari Holidays) 29.6% 22.8%
Art & Entertainment 34.8% n/a
Carnival / Festival / Special Events 34.9% n/a
Cruise 26.1% 32.1%
Driving Tour 25.7% 31.0%
Family Holidays 38.9% 16.8%
Gourmet Tour 39.1% 57.1%
Green/ Eco-Tourism 32.3% 33.6%
In-depth, culture & history 34.9% 50.8%
Honeymooning/ Overseas Wedding 22.4% 7.4%
Shopping 21.6% 42.6%
Sport Tourism 21.7% 23.7%
Study Tour 29.9% 8.7%
Travel Photography 26.2% 35.0%
Wellness/ Medical Tourism 20.6% 8.8%

More exhibitors now promote theme / in-depth travel products in ITE.

Table 2: Ten Popular Themes by No. of Exhibitors
Ten Popular Themes By Exhibitors No. of Exhibitors
Family Holiday 223
In-depth, culture & history 204
Gourmet Tour 177
Eco / Green / Sustainable Tourism 157
Travel Photography 147
Carnival / Festival / Special Events 138
Study Tour / Youth Tourism 132
Sport / Adventure 129
Art & Entertainment 120
Driving Tour 118

In ITE are products and suppliers of various theme travels i.e. Cruise, Green / Sport Tourism, Adventure, Culture and Gourmet, which are particularly attractive to up-market travelers thus also to the travel trade!

For examples, tours to Galapagos Islands Tour with rich wildlife or to the Amazon with great biodiversity; Ice & Aurora tour in the Finnish Lapland; great train journey through Russia’s Siberia; Rescue Elephant Centre in Thailand; Trekking in Himalayas; turquoise lakes in canyons and dunes of the great steppe around Almaty of Kazakhstan etc. For a change, the archaeological remains of Mycenaean Greek in Cyprus; the heritage cities and shopping in Spain with their long opening hours and high tax returns.

To promote Study Tours, ITE supports two Student Travel Writing Competition, one in Chinese and another in English. Responses have been excellent with thousands of entries received. The winning pieces will be displayed and prize presentation ceremonies be attended by students, teachers and parents.

Theme travel works for MICE too, which can make incentive trips more meaningful or interesting. In fact, held in trade days were seminars of Holding Meetings on Cruise and Corporate Volunteer Programs etc.

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